[NTLK] NewtonSales.com - very rude and dishonest guy

Pawel Piotrowski newton at indigi.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 08:48:25 EDT 2019

Hi Newtonians,

I am sorry to change my mind about this guy and join the group of people dissatisfied - or even disappointed - with his services…

I bid and won a Newton 2000 on his eBay auction. The guy offered (as an option) an implant that would speed up Newton's work. He did not give the price at the auction. He mentioned the 'extra payment’ only. I asked him how much I must pay extra. He was so rude that he did not give me the price. He wrote back only to find a price on his site - newtonsales.com . If you check his website there is no clear information about it. There is only info that he can install this implant for $179. So, I still didn’t know how much for implant. The price seemed ridiculous to me, because Newton himself auctioned $ 150 at the auction. So it's not 'some extra charge', but the price is more than the value of the device. Besides, he insisted that he would install the implant in the device while I wanted to have it separately. To my question why he insists on it and why he can not sell me an independent device, he did not answer me, ignoring me completely.

Then he sent me a payment request directly via PayPal, which is against the eBay rules and breaks the eBay terms. I wrote back to him that I would not pay outside of eBay, because I don;t want to have problems with eBay. In response, he withdrew the transaction, writing back very laconically that he does not accept payments via eBay.

In conclusion, I do not recommend anyone to do any transactions with this man. He is insolent, dishonest and only replies to e-mails if he has an interest in it. In the future, I will advise to all NewtonTalk members against any purchases from this guy.

Best regards,
Pawel Piotrowski

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