[NTLK] Serial-Out for Trains?

Bernard Kobier web at kobier.id.au
Mon Jul 22 21:03:23 EDT 2019

I’ve been thinking a bit about this project and the hard part (in my mind ) would be the front end on the eMate.
I have built an Arduino controlled layout on my window sill in my office at work, just two end to end tracks - trains go back and forth along the tracks at a preset intervals and a wind turbine  spins from time to time.

 I dare say it would be easy enough to have the eMate to send out data on the serial port. That could then be received by something like an Arduino with a motor controller shield on top which would take care of the speed control for a couple of tracks. 

I would have the eMate send simple commands to the Arduino to tell it what to do. 
To set the train on track A to go forward at full speed

Track A fwd 100

Or backwards at half speed

Track A bk 50

All depends on the complexity of the train layout. 

I’ll have to have a look at what I can do with my mp130


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