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Hi Bryan,

It's nice to read something from a former Apple employee. Despite I don't
know what the purpose of an "Autoserver" is I'm often questioning, what is
going on with the current PDA devices. I will doubtlessly not go back to
the Newton - simply because of its size - but it already had so may good
features which are missing today. I wonder why? Why does nobody program
Newton style notes with hierachic checklists and this excellent handwriting
capability? Where is cliphoard?? Where is MoreInfo with its cross-linking
features between the standard PDA apps? Are they gone, because the concept
of Soups to store data has been vanished?

In this context: The Newton and its ideas where ahead of time and therefore
it will never die.
best regards and have a nice weekend,

Marco Mailand


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> Bryan Stearns ‽ @bryanstearns
> Here’s a story that I’ve been thinking a lot about this week: My last role
> at Apple, from 92-96, was doing builds-and-tools stuff in the Newton
> project - I built a thing called the "Autoserver" that was really 30-odd
> Quadra 950s (1/13)
> 18 July
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viele Grüsse

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