[NTLK] Newton Programming Books - Good Home?

Charles Crouch charles.crouch at mac.com
Fri Jul 12 03:59:40 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have a copy of each of the following books:
• Newton Programmer’s Guide
• The NewtonScript Programming Language
• Newton Toolkit User’s Guide
• Newton User Interface Guidelines

All four are in like-new condition (the Toolkit guide does have some highlighting) as I got them when I was working at Apple in the mid-90s. They are taking up room on my shelf, and I would like to find a good home for them; someone who can put them to good use.

The books are free, but I would like to be reimbursed for shipping (about 3kg/6.6 pounds). I live in Paris, so I can easily ship to Europe, however, I will be in the US in early August, so I can also ship to US/Canada then.

Please email me off list and tell me how you can put these to good use (not put them up for sale on eBay).

Best regards,


Charles Crouch
Paris, France
charles.crouch at mac.com <mailto:charles.crouch at mac.com>
+33 6 24 86 55 25

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