[NTLK] David Hoffman "Road Warriors" Movie (MagicLink)

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Mon Jul 8 09:55:39 EDT 2019

This discussion about MagicCap is super interesting. I agree with Ed that
they missed the mark right out of the gate by showing the wind-up alarm
clock. However, I remember the 90s and at some points it was not quite
clear to everyone how technology was going to change our lives, I guess
this is one of those cases. It was also a bit painful to watch the guy tap
out his email (or fax?) one letter-key at a time using the stylus. You can
see why the Newton people thought HWR was the future, it’s much faster.

I still haven’t seen the General Magic movie, I expect to at some point,
but I wonder if their implied claim that they “invented” the iPhone before
the iPhone, is really warranted. I remember drawing pictures of what I
thought handheld computers would look like in my school notebooks. Based on
those drawings I invented the Apple Watch and the Hybrid Automobile, so I
take such things with a grain of salt ;-)

But then again I still have to see the film.
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