[NTLK] MobiScribe for Einstein

Donna Momorella gabey8 at aol.com
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Freewrite has another e-ink device in Kickstarter, the Traveler. It folds in half and is lighter than the original Freewrite. Donna
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> Their own website had no links to purchase or links to retailers either. And the links that Sylvain posted are all from 3 or 4 years ago. Interesting that it?s re-emerged as the Mobiscribe. I wonder how that?s occurred 
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I recently traded an eMate 300 and an MP130 for a 1st gen Astrohaus Freewrite which uses an e-ink screen. It was a Kickstarter device that was once named the Hemingwrite launched in 2014. 

Astrohaus was firmly backed but according to others they took a long time to deliver. Once in the hands of users, its quite heavy at 4 pounds. My MP130 attached to the Newton keyboard is honestly a better mobile solution if you do not mind the minimal tactile feedback. 

The more I research for Freewrite mods the more I find folks rolling their own e-ink mechanical keyboard typewriters as Freewrite alternatives. The Mobiscribe looks too good to be true IMHO. 

An alternate e-ink Einstein that didn’t look like an Apple I in a pine or plywood box would be interesting. 


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