[NTLK] Ser-001 Pins

Tere tjggriffin1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 12:42:38 EST 2019

I decided before investing in mini din 8 to DB9 cable that is longer than
necessary, I'd try to slice one together from what I've got. I checked the
continuity of my cables, cut off the ends and tested which pins go to which
wires. I found a pin mapping and spliced them together. The result was less
the a foot long. Perfect. I tested the continuity again and the connections
were good.

But it didn't work. I know my Ser-001 is good, as I used to connect a
Stowaway keyboard to my Newt. I think the problem is that the DB9 cable
only had three wires, ground, Txd and Rxd. For standard serial that should
be enough. Does the Newton use other pins? Is it possible that I need to
re-seat the Ser-001, even though the ketboard works?

The cabling solution I have now uses the Newton Connect port since I don't
have a
mini din 8 to DB9. I would loike to get away from that.


- Tere

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