[NTLK] I miss the Newton

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Fri Feb 15 23:33:42 EST 2019

The Newton was a cool thing.  It was a tablet before tablets were a thing.   Sure there was a Palm Pilots, and Zoomers and iPaqs but it was still for the techie person.  Not like today where EVERYONE has a tablet.

Newton OS was compact and I really wish I could see its version in 2019.  So streamline and friendly.

I pick up the Newton now, it is comparatively heavy.  The batteries barely hold a charge if they work at all.  Information is not easily transmitted from or to the Newton.   These days there are many devices easier to work with.

But damn I miss the Newton and the fun it brought me sometimes.  Really made the mid to late nineties a fun place.

And when people became addicted to their phones I just look at them and say “I was done with my tablet addiction in 2005.”  :P


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