[NTLK] Newton Protest 1998 Photos

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Sun Feb 3 18:02:12 EST 2019

> As promised, here?s a tidied up version of the WWNC 2004 DVD contents for
you to peruse.
> http://wwnc.newtontalk.net/resources/WWNC2004_DVD/

Wow! Thanks a lot! Finally, a complete step by step workshop showing how to
fix an eMate. I've been looking for such a workshop for ages. Pleasant guy,
by the way. Quite good-looking, too. Wonder what has become of him.

What would I need to do to burn a DVD from this that can be viewed with a
plain vanilla DVD player? I assume simply downloading the folder the link
above points to and burning it on a DVD isn't going to be sufficient?
Provided the folder can be downloaded at all?



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