[NTLK] SBM Utilities registration file RegCode.pkg now works

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Dec 30 11:08:34 EST 2019

Hi experts,

in my quest to reinstate Christian's Lady Newt, I got stuck at registering
SBM Utilities.

The package RegCode.pkg that I received from this software's author Holger
Mueller almost 10 years ago never worked for me because NCU did not
recognize it as a package. I had noticed this back then and sent a post to
NewtonTalk about it, but I don't recall the outcome. However, the file
available for download from my site here


never worked for me.

I again browsed two decades' worth of NewtonTalk and found a post from Ed
Kummel who said he ran this package through a program called strip.exe. As
luck would have it, this program is on my UNNA CDs, and when I drag-dropped
RegCode.pkg onto it, it made a new package and saved the old one under the
name RegCode.OLD. The new package will install flawlessly, and I've just
used it to register SBM Utilities on Lady Newt.

I've updated the file behind the link shown above. If you always wanted to
use SBM Utilities, but were unable to register it, here's your chance:


Please let us know if registration worked for you.


-- Newton software and hardware at http://www.pda-soft.de

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