[NTLK] How to figure out if UnlimitedFolders is registered

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Mon Dec 30 05:49:37 EST 2019

Hi experts,

I'm currently trying to get Christian's Lady Newt back to working condition.
However, I seem to have a problem with Silverware's UnlimitedFolders
package. Here's an excerpt from their readme file:

This demo version of UnlimitedFolders can be unlocked with an access
key allowing you to convert it to a full working version.  If you have
decided you would like to purchase UnlimitedFolders, go ahead and
contact SilverWARE with your seed key to get your access key to unlock
this demo version.  To get your seed key, open the Extras Drawer and
tap on the UnlimitedFolders icon. Then tap on the i button and select
Unlock.  This will display a window which will show you your seed key
and also allow you to enter your individual access key.  Once you have
received your access key, go ahead and enter it in the access key
field by first tapping the keyboard icon beside the access code field.
 This will display the built-in numeric keypad.  Then go ahead and
enter your access key.  Be sure to enter the access key you are given
without any spaces. Then go ahead and tap the Unlock button.  You will
then get a conformation screen telling you have successfully unlocked

I do have Christian's unlock key. On my first attempt UnlimitedFolders
presented me with an error message, stating that the access key is wrong.
Christian pointed out to me that some of his software is registered under a
slightly different user name, so I changed the owner info accordingly and
restarted the Newton. Unfortunately, on pressing the "i" button I no longer
see the "Unlock" button. I even uninstalled and reinstalled
UnlimitedFolders, but the Unlock button did not come back.

I'd rather not have Christian find out after 30 days that for whatever
reason UnlimitedFolders stops working, so I'm wondering if there's a way to
either uninstall UnlimitedFolders completely to get Unlock button back, or
to make sure the installed package is in fact registered correctly.

Thanks a lot


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