[NTLK] Emate and patience (Repair)

Bernard Kobier web at kobier.id.au
Fri Dec 27 19:47:26 EST 2019

> I agree with Frank: solder joints and their heat requirements are killers.

When soldering batteries I find using a really big iron like a 130W plumbers soldering iron works best. 

The the iron has a very large tip which does not lose heat readily allowing you to raise the temp of the battery terminal, wire and solder very quickly. Which minimizes the amount of heat transferred to the cell it’s self. You can make the solder connection very rapidly rather than having to apply heat for a long period of time to bring the joint up to temp.

The trick is to work very quickly. 

Just like when spot welding a terminal you apply an immense amount of energy to heat up just the junction point to melting before the rest of the terminal heats up. 


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