[NTLK] Emate and patience (Repair)

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Thu Dec 26 17:53:26 EST 2019

> Is there anyone out there that would be willing to have e ship out my 300
> and see if you can figure out why it wont charge or run on the battery ?
> Ive repaired the battery correctly (to a t) and this unit will not run on
> battery or charge the battery (it says its charged and then you unplug it
> and nothing. Turn back on and it resets. Im going crazy to the point where
> ive had it. Is there anyone willing to let me ship it to them and they can
> take a look ? Ill pay for discovery and repair of the issue. Thanks.
> Please help me this holiday season ;-)


normally it's not the eMate who's to blame, but the battery pack. There
might be something wrong with one or more of the cells you used, or there
might be a problem with the rebuild like e. g. a bad soldering joint, or
having exposed one or more cells to too much heat during soldering. 

If you can't find anybody living closer to you than yours truly, let me
know. I'd probably be able to help you.

For a start, install NewtTest (available in the software section of my
site). Go to the "Battery" subtest and let us know what NewtTest shows
before, while and after the battery is charged. That might shed so much
light on your problem that it won't be necessary to send the whole eMate
away. Another option that might help is finding someone willing to lend you
an eMate battery for a day or two. That'd rule out either the eMate or the
battery pack, which would make troubleshooting much easier.

Good luck!


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