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Mon Dec 2 13:48:58 EST 2019

There is a little more to it than just "wiring them up". You need the same parts as the original battery pack which contains a thermoreistor/sensor.  Without that, the newt doesn't see them as rechargeable and will stop.  If you do have it in there, could be it was damaged and is not functioning properly.  And if you didn't use one, I hope it didn't blow the charging circuitry by not having it.

There are a bunch of people on the list that have managed to create such a pack.  Usually though, they refurbish a old pack using old parts and only replace the battery cells.  It is usually a easier procedure.


On 12/2/2019 1:31 PM, Walt Berger wrote:
> Ok so I bought 4aa Nimh rechargables and a plastic holder for them. I wired
> them up to my emate 300 and the batteries will not charge (says too much
> power so they wont charge) and then says fault. What am i doing wrong here
> ?
> Help
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