[NTLK] Does any one have an eMate for sale so I don't have to share? :-)

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Oct 22 16:27:28 EDT 2018

> Does any one have an eMate for sale so I don't have to share? :-)

I currently have two. Both have rebuilt hinges and batteries rebuilt with
slow-discharge Eneloop cells. Both come with an original 9W AC adapter (US
type plug), a brand spanking new original eMate pen still in its package, a
brand spanking new display protection foil, and a brand spanking new eMate
replacement pen, Your choice of color. 


One eMate is in excellent condition. It came with a pinched display cable,
which I fixed. Since I only fix display cables of which I'm sure they won't
be acting up on you later, I don't consider this a drawback. I've never yet
got an eMate containing a fixed cable back, and I've fixed many. I'm
pointing this out anyway because I want people to know exactly what they
will get.

I'd rate the other eMate as "in good condition". The display cable of this
eMate was still intact when I got it, which hardly ever happens.

I'd let either of them go for EUR 135.00 plus what I pay for stamps.
Earnings will go into the piggy bank that contains my savings for the 3D
printer I'll need for one of the more recent Newton projects.

Unfortunately, 2018 is pick-on-Frank-year. This means DHL has repeatedly
returned eMates I sent, claiming they contain Lithium-based batteries, which
of course isn't true. This is why I would ship the battery separately in a
small padded inconspicuous envelope. These usually go through without DHL
intervention. It seems they prefer large boxes they can snoop around in and
then return for a completely bogus reason.
For some time I've been putting huge "This computer does not contain a
battery" stickers on the outside of the box. But most times they open it
anyway. How disappointed they must be if they do not find a battery at all,
but the note I usually leave in the battery compartment:

"See? There's REALLY no battery here! Not even the designated one that
you've returned three times by now, although it is NOT Lithium-based and
hence completely OK for international air shipment".

Unimportant individuals like myself can't win against DHL even if they can
prove DHL is wrong. But they can at least ease their anger by leaving ironic
notes in some battery compartment...



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