[NTLK] Emate 300 fans . . . a few questions

Donna Momorella gabey8 at aol.com
Fri Oct 19 07:58:02 EDT 2018

Doggone it. I think I lost the link to get Newton Connection Utilities for Windows. I can't find the email.

Can someone please help me download? Do I need a license key, and if so, where can I get it if the download is from an internet-archived version of the original website? 
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Christoph:> > >> Just install NCX (https://newtonresearch.org/connection/ <https://newtonresearch.org/connection/>) and get a serial2usb adapter. Thanks for this link . . . I previously couldn’t update my older version to 3.02, and I already have a similar adapter.BUT, my serial speed is an issue . . . on the eMate in the Dock, I cannot raise the speed higher than 9,600, and on NCX it won’t lower below 38,400, and there is not an Extras app anywhere to be found on the eMate.I seem to be an a serial impasse . . . any suggestions?Tom----------------------------------------------------------------------http://newtontalk.net/http://twitter.com/newtontalk

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