[NTLK] Newton system font

Grant Hutchinson splorp at me.com
Wed Oct 17 15:56:33 EDT 2018

>> I’m trying to find the name (or font) of the Newton system font, used to display info in system windows. Any ideas?
> Do you mean the font used in alert boxes and similar interface elements, like this:
> http://newtonglossary.com/terms/alert-box
> The font is named Simple and is based on the bitmapped version of Geneva found on Mac OS.
> http://newtonglossary.com/terms/simple
> The Newton uses another sans serif font named (appropriately) System, which is based on the Espy family of typefaces.
> http://newtonglossary.com/terms/system

Whoops ... upon closer examination, the alert boxes use System as well.

There are slight differences in some of the letterforms found in Simple.

Here's a screenshot showing the differences in the 9 point bitmaps for Simple, System, and a third-party font installed on my Newton called Condensed Gothic.



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