[NTLK] Emate 300 fans, I have a few questions

Donna Momorella gabey8 at aol.com
Mon Oct 15 07:57:44 EDT 2018

Hi! I'm new here. :)

I'm in search of the most current info regarding how to get files from an emate onto a PC. I'd like to use it as a word processor, but if I can't retrieve files from it, that would kind of defeat the purpose.

I've been googling around, but sadly a lot of the links that crop up are either giving 404 errors themselves, or contain links to resources that are no longer available. However, google DID point me in the direction of this group, so I'm hoping that humans can offer remedies that online sites cannot: current viable information.
So if anyone here has suggestions on what adapters to look for on ebay, what websites might be selling adapters that work, etc., please let me know. Thanks!

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