[NTLK] Followup on"Re: MessagePad 100 (OMP H1000) Flickering/glitching"

Erik Johnson apple.newton at retro.network
Wed Oct 10 12:46:36 EDT 2018

> Well, today I received the Tantalum capacitors I bought from Reichelt
> immediately after reading Erik's post. They are about the same size
> of the original components, which makes things easier.

I'm surprised you got it to fit with the narrow footprint, or were
they the dipped kind with radial leads (vs the squares with axial
leads)?  This is the better option anyway!  Please share the parts
you ordered so we can note the leadspacing and find similar on other
suppliers (mouser, digikey, arrow,...)

> I just replaced the LCD voltage capacitor in the first Newton,
> and... tadaaa...
> Dead as a doornail.


> Well, not quite. It did not work if the Newton was powered by the AC
> adapter. It worked, however, hunky dory with the battery pack. And not even
> a hint of flickering.


So then there should be a general advisory to replace both of these
(maybe even the 3rd) caps in all OMP/100 models regardless of

- Erik

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