[NTLK] Followup on"Re: MessagePad 100 (OMP H1000) Flickering/glitching"

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Oct 9 19:53:00 EDT 2018

> Please let me know how it goes!

Well, today I received the Tantalum capacitors I bought from Reichelt
immediately after reading Erik's post. They are about the same size of the
original components, which makes things easier.

I just replaced the LCD voltage capacitor in the first Newton, and...

Dead as a doornail.

Well, not quite. It did not work if the Newton was powered by the AC
adapter. It worked, however, hunky dory with the battery pack. And not even
a hint of flickering.

The reason why the Newton wouldn't start when powered by AC adapter was
probably that I didn't follow my own advice about wearing a grounded
wristband. This promptly killed Schottky Diode D11. Good that I have a
handful of organ donor boards.

This outcome will make a certain Chris very happy. Chris, if you're reading
this: The OMP you had already written off will soon be on its way back :-))

The last time I felt that satisfied was when, ages ago, Dr. Newton disclosed
the solution for the usual MP130 problems to me. Time for a glass of
decent... well, I think you can guess...



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