[NTLK] Trouble connecting MP 2100 with NewtSync or NCX 2.0.4

Mr. Ramsay MrRamsay at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 21:52:16 EDT 2018

Hello Newtonians,

Once upon a time, I was successfully connecting my MP2100 to my 2007 Macbook running Snow Leopard. I have the the Keysoan drivers and cable (serial to USB) but when I try to connect via NewtSync, I get an alert window saying the serial port is being used. I then went to Dave Lawrence's Newton Poetry site (http://newtonpoetry.com/2009/11/05/newton-connects-with-snow-leopard/), downloaded NCX 2.0.4, but upon opening the app, I get a blank NCX window. Any ideas?


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