[NTLK] Help Getting Packages on a Messagepad 2100 from Windows 10 or Linux

Jordan Sinn jordansinn at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 03:11:02 EDT 2018

Hello all,


I hope I'm not being too much of a bother but I've had a difficult time
trying to set things up in order to install packages on my Messagepad 2100.
I've researched as much as I can and find myself coming across dead links
that have made it difficult to work with my device. I'm curious if anyone
can offer any advice on how I can work with my Messagepad 2100 from a modern
machine. I don't have access to Mac OS or OS X; I have a Windows 10 machine
with a Windows 98 virtual machine and I can work from a linux machine as


I have a rs-232 to TTL adapter and a TTL to usb adapter. I'm not entirely
sure how to set up a serial connection with the Windows 98 virtual machine.
I'm comfortable working from linux but I came across a lot of dead links
when looking for resources regarding this. My goal is to get packages on the
Messagepad 2100  in order to sort out the date bug, use a cf card, and
install some other bits of software. Whether it be through a virtual machine
or setting up a PPP Server on linux. I'm just at a loss for how I can make
this device useable.


Thanks in advance,


-          Jordan Sinn

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