[NTLK] nbk in the new millennium

Jordan Sinn jordansinn at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 00:53:52 EDT 2018


Is this installer available anywhere? I'd like to get my Messagepad 2100
working with my Windows 10 PC as I've had difficulty getting virtual
machines to work and software for using the newton with a Linux OS seems to
be hard to find these days.

Thanks in advance,

Jordan Sinn

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Do you have access to a windows pc directly?  I have a version of Newton
connection kit from Apple with an updated installer for windows 7/10.

Were these backups done with Newton connection kit/utilities, or another

I use a 2017 desktop (win10x64) with my Newton almost daily!  Using my
installer and the original nck/ncu software with a startech.com usb to
serial adaptor and homebuilt cable.  The usb serial adaptor needs to be in
before starting the software.

Best Regards,



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