[NTLK] Factory calibration problem

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Wed Jun 13 17:18:42 EDT 2018

Sure, I could drop $400 USD on a USB linear flash reader, or only $100 
on a PCI card solution.  But what would be the fun in that?

To make a really long story short: I have a circa 2006 laptop with a 
PCI-to-CardBus bridge and slot.  The HDD in this machine is dead, making 
installing and running an operating system a USB key based affair.

Initially I tried Linux-es from USB, but in later Linux kernels (2.6+) 
it got harder to make it detect any old SRAM or linear flash card as a 
memory device.  I think I got pretty far with Damn Small Linux, since 
it's still kernel 2.4 based, but it's a really weird distro to work 
with.  I'm not even sure that kernel 2.4 supports my CardBus controller.

Then I thought I could use DOS and the old DOS-based Intel flash tools 
that I archived on UNNA.org many many, *many* years ago (thanks, me!).  
Setting up DOS 6.22 gave me bad, bad flashbacks ;) But those tools don't 
want to detect my CardBus controller.

Anyways, I just found some more information about the Linux path which I 
hadn't seen before that looks very helpful, so I'll probably get back to 
it soon.

On 2018-06-13 02:59 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
>> On Jun 13, 2018, at 06:46, Victor Rehorst <victor at chuma.org> wrote:
>> If only I had some 1990s era laptop hardware still...
> What exactly do you need?
> Also, writing linear flash cards via USB should be solvable.
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