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Wed Jan 31 17:25:28 EST 2018

>> Bit of a long shot: does anyone have a spare AA battery tray (or 2) for
MP2100/2000 they are willing to part with and send to the UK?

> Here you have 2 available:

Although I also find almost 85 USD a tad on the expensive side: As has
already been mentioned on this list, nobody is forced to buy them. And,
having bought a couple of them over the years, I can confirm that these
holders are more and more difficult and expensive to come by.

These animals weigh 15 grams. Here's an interesting little calculation...

Today, a gram of 333 gold would set you back approx. 14 USD. 15 grams would
set you back 210 USD. In other words: A holder sold at 85 USD would set you
back approx. one third of the price of the same weight in 333 gold.
Unfortunately, this isn't the end of the road. Not by far. I have seen
Newton battery holders change owners for more than 100 bucks.

That being said: I currently have three of these holders. I need to keep one
for testing the Newtons I fix, but I'd be willing to let the other two go at
35 Euros apiece plus what I pay for stamps and, if requested, insurance.
Provided you will not resale them for significantly more than what you paid
me. You are welcome to resell them for less. If I see them pop up anywhere
for a much higher price, I will start appearing in your dreams. Every single
night. All in whose dreams I'm currently appearing will confirm you'll soon
wish you hadn't resold it. But then it'll be too late. Except for suicide,
living with this horror for the rest of your life will be your only

35 bucks is still one sixth of the price of the same weight in gold, so many
people will still consider this a ripoff. But given the fact that I'd have
to pay twice to get a new one...

Pardon? Oh, rest assured that I WILL see them pop up if you resale them. I
have an incredible knack of locating my items' resales.

Drop me a line off-list if you are interested.


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