[NTLK] 2100: Cards sporadically not working in upper slot

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Jan 31 16:13:13 EST 2018

Hi experts,

someone asked me to fix his 2100.

The problem seems to be that two of his cards (one WiFi card, one memory
card) do not work in the upper slot, but in the lower slot. A mechanical
problem can be almost ruled out since he has checked the mainboard. He has
also brainwiped the Newton as recommended on my disassembly page and left it
without power for a week. So the culprit can't be a Newton package having
run amok, either. Funnily, his modem card works hunky dory in both slots.

I very, very dimly remember that, ages ago, this was an occasional topic at
NewtonTalk. But so far I've never had a 2x00 with this problem on my
workbench. Before I have this fellow spend his money on sending his little
green friend across the Atlantic and back, I would like to know if any of
you still recalls this problem, what caused it, and how, if at all, it could
be solved.



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