[NTLK] Moosefuel hits Cowtown

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Sat Jan 27 12:52:21 EST 2018

The quest for poutine - An interview with the owner of Au Pied De Cochon about what makes the perfect poutine. Gathering up all of the various necessary bits, the cheese curds (what are cheese curds? says the high school kid at the grocery. So you have to explain it. The squeek. The freshness.) Gravy (no not turkey gravy, you have to explain that too). A jump cut explanation of Poutine as you walk past the fronts of Poutineville, Poutine Centrale, Poutine Lafleur.  And all along the path are people using Newtons rather than iPhones, more of a product placement than obvious banner ad. Poutine.

And in the end, a packet of St Hubert dehydrated gravy, Kraft slices, and McDonald’s fries, because that’s all you can get in Cowtown.


> On 2018-January-27, at 10:26, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> But... Noah, really... poutine? No poutine?
> Oh man, I can't believe I forgot the poutine. Come to think of it, how
> could I incorporate poutine into the film more??? Any ideas?
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