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Hi all,
Funny that mention of powerbook 1400 has just been made...

Due to my personal situation and ongoing issues at work (no space nor time available to go into) I'm having to make the reluctant decision to sell off my collection of various Mac/Newton stuff I've accumulated over the years. (Believe me, not an easy decision but absolutely necessary one).

Before I list it on that well known auction site I thought I'd let you all know, in case anyone is interested.

Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 (backlight replaced by Frank a while ago, very green glow, bright; door cover small chip on top hinge, but fully working, slight scuffing to rubber coating in middle; port cover flap deteriorated at small hinges some time ago, came off, but still have it; one pc card port blank; original stylus; door clips intact; screen clear; fully working; rechargeable battery shot)
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 (no screen door; bottom screen clip missing; screen clear, save for four circular "scarring" marks in shape of four side of a dice (these imperfections inherited from previous owner); screen light good for age; fully working; original stylus; rubber coating solid, good condition; all rubber feet; rechargeable battery shot)
Original Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 leather case (scuffs associated with age; however good condition considering previous usage unknown; zip working, both zip tags have original leather pulls; embossed Newton logo bottom right)
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 9w power adapter (UK plug attachment; v. good condition)
Black Apple Newton MessagePad external modem (v good condition)
Powerbook G4 Titanium 867mhz (battery shot; fully working; screen clear and bright; some paint chips common with hinges; hinges strong and working well; lid closing well; latch working well; keyboard/track pad area good condition)
Powerbook G4 12 inch 867mhz (rubber stoppers on screen deteriorated; screen stays up beyond 90 degrees but on occasion has started to slip when beyond approx. 120 degrees- although not always; three rubber feet missing; battery some charge; small kink on edge of casing; keyboard/trackpad area good; overall good; as inherited, with very little use from me due to time)
White MacBook 1.83ghz (power adapter; working; built in camera; trackpad/keyboard area good condition, small chip to right hand edge of palm rest area; DVD dvd drive reading discs, but eject gets stuck; some scarring to plastic edge of DVD slot- obviously some attempts to get discs out in the past; battery holds some charge, approx 30min; power adapter; casing needs a polish, will see what I can do; bought like this used as my first foray into Intel macs)
Powerbook 1400cs 166mhz (complete in original box; cd drive; floppy drive; cables; discs; leaflets, manuals, stickers; software; "book covers" & clear and green plastic cover; probably other bits as well; original power adapter; working; hinges good condition; overall very good condition; slight crackle from one speaker on start up;  cd drive- light flashing, not reading some discs; floppy drive; very little use by me due to time...shame)
Powerbook 1400cs 166mhz (working; broken release latch right expansion bay; faint line across middle of screen; cd drive reading discs, cover panel for tray has one clip loose; battery dead; original power adapter; plastic "book cover"; hinges good condition; overall good condition; again, as inherited from previous owner, very little use by me due to time)
Powerbook 1400cs 133mhz (working; original power adapter; good condition overall; mouse button requires firm press to select/click; cd drive- light flashing, working but trouble reading some discs; floppy drive; plastic book cover; battery dead)
Powerbook 1400 Accessories box (book cover inserts; leaflets; manuals; software; cables)
Powermac G4 Dual 1.25ghz MDD tower (SuperDrive; 768 RAM; 80 GB HD; Bluetooth; fully working; dual boot; power cable- UK; very good condition overall)
Powermac G5 Dual 1.8 ghz tower (fully working; power cable-UK; SuperDrive; AirPort Extreme PCI card with antenna; ADC/DVI; internal plastic cooling shield; slight bend one front and back foot, panel side; panel opens and closes no issues; inherited like this from previous owner)

(I am humming and hawing about my eMate as its in what I would think to be immaculate condition; haven't played with it at all since getting it (time!). Since pulling it out, I now know what it must have been like to get one brand new back in the day...hmm, finances say one thing, but heart...it would have to be a good incentive to see it go...)

Any further info or more detailed descriptions needed, let me know. Requests for particular OS and software loaded on computers/laptops could be accommodated.

Also, not sure about how getting in contact off list works. Sure you guys can advise.

Thank you all in advance,

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> On 20 Jan 2018, at 03:43, Abraham Limpo <abraham at familialimpo.net> wrote:
> Also, the 1400 is, for me, the perfect (portable) macintosh machine to
> communicate with the newton. The software *could* run on 68k machines but
> worked better on the 603 power pcs.
> 2018-01-20 4:38 GMT+01:00 Abraham Limpo <abraham at familialimpo.net>:
>> If you want a powerbook representative of the newton era, I would choose
>> the 1400 series. They were made from 1996 to 1998, which is roughly the
>> same timeline as the newton. They also have this neat thing were you can
>> put paper insets in the cover to "customize" the appearance.
>> Really think different :)
>> Cheers;
>> Abraham
>> 2018-01-19 11:22 GMT+01:00 <cedric at sartoo.fr>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a particular question today. To put it simply, I have little
>>> space and little money for my apple / nintendo collection that I
>>> gradually move towards portability / mobility.
>>> For the apple part I have:
>>> - the Mac 128k and portable version the Macintosh Portable M5120
>>> - an .... and Newtons (MP and eMate)
>>> - an iBook G3 SE (firewire & usb) and a lot of iPods
>>> - Macbook Air with iPhones, iPads
>>> Question: Which laptop (only one) can I place on the Newtons floor? I
>>> thought either a Powerbook G3 PQD of 1998 (model that I have) or a
>>> Powerbook 100. What is your idea?
>>> Thank you
>>> Cedric
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