[NTLK] Which laptop emblem of Newtons

cedric at sartoo.fr cedric at sartoo.fr
Fri Jan 19 05:22:49 EST 2018


I have a particular question today. To put it simply, I have little
space and little money for my apple / nintendo collection that I
gradually move towards portability / mobility.

For the apple part I have:
- the Mac 128k and portable version the Macintosh Portable M5120
- an .... and Newtons (MP and eMate)
- an iBook G3 SE (firewire & usb) and a lot of iPods
- Macbook Air with iPhones, iPads

Question: Which laptop (only one) can I place on the Newtons floor? I
thought either a Powerbook G3 PQD of 1998 (model that I have) or a
Powerbook 100. What is your idea?

Thank you 


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