[NTLK] Looking for experts on glueing or welding polyprophylen (PP)

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Sun Jan 14 18:51:38 EST 2018

Yes, this is Newton related, but you won't get your hands on the result
before I am completely satisfied with it. Which currently I am pretty far
from being.

I am trying to glue two flat polyprophylen parts together. I make them from
binders like these:


These sheets aren't completely smooth, which I think is a good thing because
there's more surface the glue can cling to. But maybe I'm mistaken here.

Unfortunately, so far everything I tried did not work. I tried super glue
(cyanoacrylate), UHU, and Pattex. The next day I could still separate both
as if they had been glued with saliva. Especially when I flexed them. I have
learned by now that polyprophylen has a very low surface tension, which
makes it difficult to glue. This appears to be correct. 


If anyone on this list happens to have knowledge on how to glue this
material, please oh please chime in. Or might there be a chance of
connecting those parts using heat, like that from an electric iron? Of
course, I could try this out, but I am afraid that the connection might only
SEEM to be OK and turn out to be flaky over time.

I also considered using double-sided sticky tape, but I did not find one
that is thin enough. It should not be thicker than what a thin layer of
super glue would account for (about 0.05mm or so I think).

If you think I am on the wrong track to begin with: Do you know a material
that is really easy to glue and available in sheets about 0.2 ... 0.3
millimeters strong?



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