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Hi Dale,

Congrats about you Newton.

You can’t read/write PCMCIA memory cards directly on any computer. The NewtonOS have no filesystem, so PCMCIA memory card ‘formated’ on Newton can’t be read by any other OS. The only one way to use memory card is to ‘format’ this card on Newton and use software dedicated for Newton to transfer software and data between computer and Newton.

If you have PC with Win 95/98, you can use RS232 <-> RS422 cable (you should have it with your Newton).


> On 21 Dec 2018, at 13:32, Dale Cousins <dale at dalesmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi just thought i would say hi and see how active this mailing list is, I
> have recently acquired an original model Newton this week and am getting to
> grips with getting software installed on it. It came with the fax modem a
> 2mb flash card and the getting started card which seems to not read. I have
> always had an interest in the newton ever since 93-94 when i worked for an
> apple center that sold the newton. Any advice on how to get software onto
> the 2mb card would be greatly appreciated, i have a couple of laptops with
> pcmcia card readers running win95 and win98 that i can use.
> Dale.
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