[NTLK] Cry for help! My Lady Newton is ill. Very, VERY ill.

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 18:38:02 EST 2018

~~~ On 2018/12/05 00:46, Chris Parana at chrisparana at mac.com wrote ~~~

>> > Can your describe the switch ³hesitation² a bit more? This may be a simple
>> > mechanical problem with the switch itself. >  <snip>

Hi Chris, 

Sorry my answer is so delayed.  I had unexpected obligations that have kept
me on the road and working.  I haven't even opened her up to work through
Frank's instructions yet.  When I get back I have to have a real
heart-to-heart with Newti.

As for the hesitation, until the problem started to suggest itself, I simply
slid the on-off switch down with my thumb, gently but firmly, and she
instantly came on.  That last week or so, whenever I did that there was this
little pause, like Lawrence Welk (yes, yes, I really am old enough that I
had to sit through my parents watching that show) counting ³one-and-two²,
where ³one² is the switch being activated, ³two² is Newti coming on as
usual, and the ³-and-² is that tiny sliver of time when I almost but not
quite wondered if something was wrong.

I would love it to be a simple switch problem, and that¹s why when I get
back I will have to work through Frank¹s diagnostic procedure to isolate all
possible causes.  I can¹t say strongly enough how revolutionary the Newton
has been in my life since I got my first one in 2005 (what was I waiting
for?), but the flip-side of that is how devastating it is trying to find
true alternatives to a MP2100 (if you¹ve never looked, don¹t waste your
time;  IMO there aren¹t any).  I¹m currently switching back and forth
between 4 different devices/work tools to do badly all the things Newti did
on her own, effortlessly.  For the first time since 2005 I¹ve missed or
double-booked appointments and lost meeting notes.  Meh.

I wasn¹t even using all Newti¹s potential.  I get the idea that most folks
on this list are using far more of the Newton¹s life-hacking sorcery than I
got around to, stuff on my ³to-do² list just for the fun of it.  But so far
I hadn¹t needed the extra wizardry of Gandalf the White.  Gandalf the Grey
was completely sufficient.

Here¹s to getting to the bottom of this, and restoring Newti to her glory.



~~~ ~~~ ~~~

³I had to go back and transcribe all of my
speech notes from my Newton, which is what
I usually use for giving speeches from,
because I wasn¹t sure I was going to be
able to read it in this light, so I had to
transcribe the notes onto paper. Unfortunately,
my Newton is better at reading my handwriting
than I am. So, there may be a pause while I
try and decipher what I¹ve written.²

            -- Douglas Adams

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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