[NTLK] Newton 2100 w/ SER-001 and accessories

Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at live.com
Mon Jun 26 22:09:26 EDT 2017

Thanks, folks--it's just been sold.

The Palm stuff is still up for grabs, though, if you find yourself interested in that!


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Dear all,

I'm selling my Newton 2100, with SER-001, and a few accessories, for $35 shipped in the continental USA

Here's what I've got:

- Newton 2100 w/ SER-001
  - backlight works!
  - screen, digitizer, etc. works
  - but if it's hot, this Newton's screen gets subtle "newton rings" on it--these don't affect functionality or visibility of text, but (to me) are still noticeable
- Two battery packs, non-working but probably could be rebuilt
- Two untested wifi PCMCIA cards, and one untested 56k modem PCMCIA card
- power adapter

You can see the pictures here:




I'm selling the lot for $35 shipped because this Newton comes from a really kind Newton-list member who sold me the set at a similarly super-reasonable price some years ago.

Send me an email at jonathandueck at yahoo dot com if you're interested. I'll post here when it's sold.

I'll also post an OT post, in case anyone here is interested in other neat old stuff I might sell.


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