[NTLK] MailV update?

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Mon Jun 26 04:55:03 EDT 2017

> Simon Bell wrote MailV. He's always in the background here, I'm sure he'll make his presence known soon.

And here I am.


The source to MailV is at <https://newtonresearch.org/mailv/source.zip> but before you go diving into that I may be able to help diagnose the problem. I say *may* because it must be at least five years since I looked at MailV!

My first thought would be to install the debug version of MailV <https://newtonresearch.org/mailv/MailVDebug.pkg>. In the debug panel of MailV Prefs capture everything and direct it to the Notepad (unless you can tether the Newt to NTK which makes for much easier copying of log text). See what the generated log shows after trying to fetch mail - if it makes no sense to you then send it to me - in any case we should probably continue this discussion off-list.


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