[NTLK] Now am I on Candid Camera or what??

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Jul 6 16:19:09 EDT 2017

 Just returned from a one week trip, and look what I found on my doorstep:
The eMate perk that I expected to be in Canady by now. Could you please have
a look at this image and confirm that it is not me who is losing his mind?
The green arrow points to the sticker I put on the package. The red arrow
points to the sticker THEY put on the package before returning it."THEY" are
the people working at the international postal hub in Frankfurt.


UN3481 only applies to Lithium-based batteries. This is the second time in
one month.

Is there a lawyer in our midst? If I cannot resolve this for good, this will
probably be the end of Newton repairs and battery rebuilds unless you live
in Germany. 



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