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If you have the PCMCIA card columbo I am very interested. In this case, contact me off-line at cedric at sartoo.fr
Thank you


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I think I have a Columbo card, but I won't be able to check until the 11th. 

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> On Jul 1, 2017, at 16:13, C?dric SARTOUT <cedric at sartoo.fr <mailto:cedric at sartoo.fr>> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry I will try to clarify. I am looking for an original PCMCIA card of a game. No preference for the game. It is this kind of card that I seek: http://www.sartoo.fr/columbo.jpg <http://www.sartoo.fr/columbo.jpg> <http://www.sartoo.fr/columbo.jpg <http://www.sartoo.fr/columbo.jpg>>
> I have the same type of card with the Michelin interactive guide software from Paris:
> http://www.sartoo.fr/michelin.jpeg <http://www.sartoo.fr/michelin.jpeg> <http://www.sartoo.fr/michelin.jpeg <http://www.sartoo.fr/michelin.jpeg>>
> Thank you
> Cedric

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