[NTLK] My first attempt at screencasting

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Mon Jan 30 17:05:42 EST 2017


Thank for the great feedback.  I’ll do my best to slow down in future videos.  I think you’re right.

I don’t have any android devices, but maybe after I run out of content I’ll have an excuse to buy something to make an android tutorial.

Side note:  can anyone recommend a few FREE apps for OS 8/9:

1. A file type/creator app (I can use ResEdit, but was looking for something for quick file typing needs)
2. An app that converts PNG to PICT resources

Again, looking for FREE preferably, as I don’t want to fight with abandonware nag screens.  I was never a Mac user back in the OS9 days, so I don’t have any personal experience with which to recommend apps like these.


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    > but the first video is up:  how to setup Einstein on macOS.
    Jake, excellent job! And the first time I've seen the NewtTest icon on
    Youtube :-)
    Since you asked for feedback, here is some: Take your time...
    For me, as a non-native English speaker, things are going too fast. I can
    follow everything since
      a) you are, fortunately, talking very clearly and 
      b) I've known what you are talking about for ages
    But if it were completely new to me, I'd have a problem. Showing what you
    are showing for a longer time, along with talking more slowly, would improve
    this already terrific tutorial. At least in my admittedly utterly
    unimportant opinion.
    PS One of the tutorials I would most like to have is a detailed description
    of how to really start developing under Android. Including downloading and
    installing GIT, Android Studio, and whatever else makes a programmer's life
    I've spent ages from downloading Android Studio for the first time to
    creating the first working apk file in a way that allowed me to debug what
    was going on. There were heaps of
    -you-must-do-something-else. I would probably have failed miserably if
    hadn't been so stubborn and Google and Youtube so knowledgeable.
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