[NTLK] 2000 Infinite Loop

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Wed Jan 25 01:18:30 EST 2017

Yes that can happen.  Often removing power completely for a day or more
will fix it (as you have seen).

Planet newton...ah that brings back memories (I was around just before
they took over the list, then they went down after Apple killed the Newt
and the list went private again).  But I didn't know the domain now
redirected to UNNA.  Cool. :)

On 1/24/2017 12:41 PM, Noah Leon wrote:
> Grant, thanks for the info. In the end it seems like my newt just had to get it out of its system. I took out all the cards and the battery as you said, but it kept doing it for a while. I unplugged it for a day and then it seemed to work fine. I think it will probably happen again in the future, whatever it was, but for now if it ‘aint broke, I’m not fixing it. 
> My four year old daughter got a hold of it afterwards and drew what she called ‘castles’ for a few hours, on battery, and it’s still got charge after a couple days, so I guess I don’t have to rebuild the twenty-year old battery yet either. Pretty amazing. I’m amazed at how intuitive the Newt was, she figured out how to draw zigzags to erase things, how to use the shape recognizer to draw squares. What a great piece of technology.
> Planetnewton.com <http://planetnewton.com/> will now be my default way of getting to UNNA, thanks Grant.
> Also, the film is still in the works, I haven’t forgotten, just need some time to get paying work done before I embark on a new passion project.
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