[NTLK] 2000 Infinite Loop

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Jan 23 17:53:33 EST 2017

On 2017-01-18, at 12:06 PM, MRollins wrote:

>> All this talk about making a Newton film made me dust off my MP2000…
> May need the Y2010 bug patch installed.

The Y2010 bug wouldn't likely be the cause of a continuous reboot cycle.

I would remove all cards from the device first and then try powering it up again. It could be a corrupted package. If it's still reboots with the cards removed, there might be something amiss with one of the packages on the internal store.

You can also try booting with extensions turned off and without activating any packages.

From the Newton FAQ:

Reset With Extensions Off

A reset with extensions off allows you to reset your Newton but not load any packages. It's as if all packages were frozen. This returns the Newton to an almost virgin state, and is useful if you're having conflicts between two packages, or when you need to maximize heap for a certain procedure. With no packages loaded, your Newton will have it's maximum amount of heap available.

To perform a reset with extensions off, hit the reset button, on the back of the Newton and then flip the Newton over so the screen is facing you, as for normal usage. Immediately hold the pen down halfway down the left edge of the screen, about a centimeter from the casing, down the screen. Keep holding the pen there, and soon a dialog box will appear asking if you'd like to activate packages on the store "Internal". Answer "no." If you have any PC cards installed, return the pen to the left edge and keep holding it down. You'll then get the same dialog for each card. Answer "no" to each. Your Newton now is restarted with no packages loaded.

You will NOT lose data doing a reset with extensions off. However, if you have a third party application as the Backdrop, (such as Backdrop Plus) it will be replaced with the NotePad, so you'll have to re-designate it as the Backdrop.


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