[NTLK] Einstein on Raspberry Pi: It's Alive!

Michael W. Arnold michael at rnold.info
Tue Jan 17 20:54:51 EST 2017

I only have a Pi 2, but I'll give it a try when I get a moment. Sounds promising!

Michael Wayne Arnold
michael at rnold.info<mailto:michael at rnold.info>

Op 17 januari 2017 om 18:27:02, Steven Frank (stevenf at panic.com<mailto:stevenf at panic.com>) schreef:

I was investigating this bug that Morgan reported on Einstein:


The issue was that Mac Debug builds of Einstein would finish booting, and optimized Release builds would not.

The problem also seemed pretty similar to what I had experienced trying to get Einstein to boot on my Raspberry Pi 3, so I dug in and found a fix that seemed to work on the Mac.

I applied the fix to my Raspberry Pi version too and it actually booted!

Photographic proof:



There are still a number of problems with this build, not the least of which is that my screen is the wrong orientation and the window is bigger than the screen. :)

I have precious little time to dedicate into taking this Pi experiment much further, but if you have a Pi 3, programming experience, and need help bringing it up, I should be able to help you get at least that far.




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