[NTLK] eMate Battery

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Wed Jan 11 17:21:37 EST 2017

> Are you saying that the contact longevity is dependent on a battery pack
> will fit into the eMate battery compartment, without distorting it?

No, I'm not. I am saying that I haven't found an affordable battery holder
yet that

    a) has contacts that can, according to an official data sheet, withstand
1.2 Amps current without getting warm for an unlimited time

    b) will fit into the Newton's (maybe slightly enlarged by means of saw
and file) battery compartment

Only AFTER you have such a beast on your workbench would it make sense to
attempt to modify the holder so that it contains the temperature resistor
and the temperature protection component.

> What if you could dispense with the pack completely, and just fit

Not sure what you mean. Fitting batteries, i. e. non-rechargeable cells,
wouldn't be overly smart, so I'm inclined to think you mean something else



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