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Tue Jan 10 17:38:55 EST 2017

> I just soldered four new rechargeable with 3500 mi amp each. But I got an
idea when toiling with the solder.
> Why not build a battery case so they can Easley be switched when ever you

I have been tinkering with this project for years, but given up again and
again. The main problem is that the charge current when using an original
eMate power adapter is 1.2 Amps. And I haven't found a single vendor yet who
was willing to give me a written confirmation that his (affordable)
products' contacts will withstand this current for more than a couple of
milliseconds. If they don't, the contacts will get warm. Depending on their
resistance, maybe very warm. The most (visually) promising battery holder I
ever had on my desk surprisingly melted on this very desk within a couple of
minutes. Pity that I did not have a working camera at that time...

If ever I take up this project again, I will create a 3D model that can be
printed and fitted with MP110/120/130 battery contacts. These contacts have
about the same contact size and pressure as the MP2x00 contacts, and their
quality is equally good. This should be the most promising way to go. But
even if this appeared to work, I'd make sure to measure the voltage drop
across each contact with at least 10 or 20 battery holders before I released
the first of those into users' hands.


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