[NTLK] Love letter to Newton

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 17:01:01 EST 2017

Grant! I had forgotten you were from Calgary. That's my hometown (and where
I got my first Newt).

Thanks Rufus, I'll put Amsterdam on the list.

Doug, I thought briefly about collecting selfie videos, but being a bit of
a pixel-purist and really wanting to make something nice and cinematic with
good audio, I dismissed the idea pretty quickly, but I suppose that if we
did what you say, making sure it's good quality with good guidelines, I
could definitely collect a lot more material, and it would be pretty cool
to have worldwide participation like that. After that's done I could so
some strategic, cinematic shooting, maybe some strategic interviews, I
think that might actually be the best way forward, that is if people are
interested, willing and able to participate.

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