[NTLK] Problem with KeySpan on Mac OS Sierra

"Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" newton at indigi.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 17:51:21 EST 2017

OK, I did couple test and my method is that:

1. Install KeySpan drivers for 10.9 (older not working), WITHOUT connecting KeySpan device.
2. Shut down computer. Don’t reboot. Shutdown.
3. Connect KeySpan device.
4. Connect cable for Newton.
5. Connect and ON Newton.
6. Run computer and DON’T DISCONNECT any device. If you do it - Mac will crush!
7. Run NCX (v. 2.3 - newer from NCX website, v 2.0 will crush).
8. In NCX prefs set proper port (1.1). Never choose ‘Keyserial1’ - Mac will crush and NCX will crush too.

If NCX have problems (crushing etc.) just delete prefs from ~/Library

> On 5 Jan 2017, at 22:40, Michael W. Arnold <michael at rnold.info> wrote:
> Unfortunately, I have not successfully been able to get the KeySpan driver to work reliably on 10.11 or 10.12.  I had limited luck with 10.9 running in a VM on a 10.11 host, but that was unstable for larger package transfers.
> In the end, I setup a classic Mac (Quadra 630) to synch with over serial and used a Raspberry Pi to setup a AppleTalk file share as the interface between the old and new worlds.
> More info here: https://www.marmanold.com/entries/afp_netatalk_fileshare/ <https://www.marmanold.com/entries/afp_netatalk_fileshare/>
I’m using RPi as netatalk server almost a year. The same unit working as NPDS Tracker Server too :)

Best regards,
Pawel Piotrowski

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