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   1. Re: eMate Battery Pack Help? (Elias Basse)


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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2017 06:18:22 -0600
From: Elias Basse <kd5jfe at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [NTLK] eMate Battery Pack Help?
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When I rebuilt an emate pack for an old emate that I purchased at a flea
market, I went to a local electronics store and picked up a 9.6v rc battery
pack on the cheap (11usd).  It had the appropriate cells and even thermal
protection.  I cut it apart and needed to only resolder to the existing
tabs.  It is outperforming most of the other cells I tried.  I get over two
weeks on a charge and use it daily for writing my tech notes and sending to
a 2100.  I work as a technician for an arcade and get some rather strange
looks using "antiques".

Hope this is a good direction for readily accessible nimh cells for you.  A
good volt meter can be had for under 5.00 which will assist you if you
scavenge cells this way.  Always check voltage before blowing up your
device!  I use a volt meter bought on a 99 cent special at harbor freight
which is perfect.  A 20w soldering iron is a good heat to use for packs and
helps to keep you from blowing up the packs.  I have accidently shorted a
battery with a solder bridge and it got extremely hot, ruining the battery.

Another suggestion would be to look for a local battery shop that rebuilds
tool batteries here in LA, that is Batteries Plus but they are all over the
states.  They can build a pack for you or refurbish your pack for a fee.
They rebuild tool packs for me at 25.00 plus cost of cells.  But it is
rewarding to do it yourself and is straitforward if you follow instructions
posted by previous group members.

Best Regards,



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