[NTLK] Intro mail and WTB nice MP2000/2100 (no accessories needed) and Homebrew MP2100 upgrades

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Sun Jan 1 21:08:07 EST 2017

A Raspberry Pi (Zero?) that would fit onto a PCMCIA card and automatically
push-pull stuff from Storage to a cloud storage service, using the Pi to
connect over modern WiFi would be great in my opinion. I would use the eMate
for typing stuff all of the time - the keyboard and form factor is great for
my hands... But the connectivity options for Windows users are so tough
these days they might as well not exist.

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On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 5:29 AM Ian Finder <ian.finder at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's a quirky, whimsical and fun device that simply nails a usable 
> note-taking scenario. (risking getting flamed, I'd say OneNote on the 
> Surface Pro is the closest replacement, but a far cry)

Agreed on all your points. I'm just stuck in that I need connectivity for my
Newton, and no longer have any vintage kit to connect through. I currently
use what you mentioned here--OneNote on the Surface. It's the closest to a
Newton I've found, but no replacement--there is no replacement for the
paperroll on the Newton, to be honest. It's a great loss that all of that
has been lost. On my Surface, I use OneNote and GoogleKeep (on my phone
mostly), and between the two, it almost works--but that word "almost"
makes a huge difference.

I have thought of using my Newton as a stand-alone device, without
connectivity, like a virtual notebook.... but every time I take it out and
power it up, it all comes back, and it is just too painful to try to use,
knowing what I left behind... I sort of envy you the ability to use it,
without all that nostalgia getting in your way.


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