[NTLK] To continue the Note 7 jokes.. What *is* the battery problem?

Abraham Limpo abraham at familialimpo.net
Tue Nov 1 08:17:05 EDT 2016

I guess at this point is more or less common knowledge, but it seems that
the note 7 is a bit smaller than expected, and "pinches" the battery.
Originally it was thought that the sourced batteries were too big.

2016-09-13 18:27 GMT+02:00 Jim Witte <jim.witte at gmail.com>:

> At least this will take care of “Pen-In-Backwards-Gate”.  They can fix the
> infinitely-more-important battery problem, and slip in a small fix for the
> pen problem as well (no pun intended):
> 1) Make the pen-end slightly bigger around than the rest of the pen, and
> 2) Make the top of the case well be slightly bigger, so that the pen will
> still fit flush with the phone casing.
> <Voice of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory doing a Steve Jobs impersonation>
> You couldn’t *possibly* have a pen that *stuck out 4 mm from the case*  OH
> They might even take that as an opportunity to put a small sensor in the
> “bigger end” of the redesigned pen and make it an eraser (does it already
> have an eraser function?)
> Does anyone know *what* the problem with the batteries actually is?  Is it
> the cells themselves (they bought them from the same company that makes the
> cells in the cheaper “exploding hover-board” products?).  Or a
> load-balancing circuit that isn’t working (assuming the Note 7 has more
> than one cell), or did they forget to put in a "thermal cut-off chip”?
> Jim
> > It *IS* the hottest new gadget out there. It right away sparked my
> interest.
> >
> >> So you're not really fired up with the Note 7? I heard it is a very
> >> hot device. ;-)
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