[NTLK] Twitter app on Newton

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Fri Mar 11 21:04:44 EST 2016

In a word...No.  Sadly everything like that is SSL these days and the
Newt cannot do SSL.  Well in theory it could, but one would have to
rewrite the NIE (Newton Internet Enabler) and so far no one has taken on
that massive project.  It also may not be fast enough for the on-the-fly
encryption.  I think it might work, but it would be slow.

IF by some chance the twitter API allowed for usage without SSL then it
would be doable.  But I highly doubt that after the security issues that
have surfaced in the past 5 years.


On 3/11/2016 7:48 PM, Piotrowski Paweł (Newton) wrote:
> Hi!
> I have question to Newton programmers: It is possible to create Twitter client app for Newton by using Twitter API? Something simple to read and send only text message (without images etc.).
> I know about using some mailing system etc. But I’m asking about possibility creating native app.

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