[NTLK] Linear flash cards

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Mar 11 17:45:02 EST 2016

> Frank, I'm interested in a 20mb flash card. How much is the total with
shipping to California zip 94080?

The card is EUR 15.00. Shipping from Germany to California (wish I was
there...) is EUR 1.50 unless you want insurance, which would cost about four
bucks more.

> I tried going by your site but it went to a site selling candy 

Ah, that was a misunderstanding. Sorry for that. The link


was supposed to clarify the new currency I recently introduced. It is called
"Newtie". The exchange rate is easy: One piece of what's shown in the link
is worth one Newtie. Payment in Newties is much preferred to payment in any
other currency :-)



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