[NTLK] NewtonPress?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Mar 8 20:32:11 EST 2016

Actually you can change the screen size.  It took a lot of research but
I found you can with the pages command.  This also allows you to include
more than one format and allow people to pick which screen size they
want displayed.

I found out about this years ago and put in my tutorial:

Apple never told us how to do it, but I saw they had a few books out
that had screen format selection, so I knew it was possible.  Then I
started digging on how.  After Press came out though, Apple never
updated their documentation on Bookmaker.  But in several ways Bookmaker
is better.

But for fast, simple books nothing beats Press.  Import text, select
screen size, compile/create, and done.  Adding table of contents,
different screen sizes, etc bookmaker is better/faster at.  But if I
remember right Bookmaker couldn't handle higher resolution images.  You
had to convert them first, while Press will take care of that (in
general, sometimes it chokes though and converting it yourself is better).


On 3/8/2016 7:37 PM, Marisa Giancarla wrote:
> Hi, they are already available in text format for a small fee for all of them. I'm wanting to make some free in a newton format. I would go with bookmaker but i understand it only generates "classic" format books and not 2x00/emate formats.
> Marisa
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